Like movies?  Watch TV?  Not sure what's on, what's worth your time?  You need the app!

Compact schedule

The app features a colour coded schedule, showing you at a glance what's worth watching over the next 24 hours. For example, movies with an Excellent rating are shown in red, those rated Good are shown in Orange, and those with an OK rating are yellow. You can even choose to omit lower-rated movies from the schedule completely.

Pop-up movie details

Just tap on a movie in the schedule to see more info about it. Tap the Hide button if you have seen the movie already, or don't want to see it, and it won't show up in future schedules.


Personalize the schedule by selecting a TV bouquet, and then enter some information about yourself and your movie preferences. (Are you a 50 year-old man who likes the classics, or a teenage girl who doesn't?) This information is used to adjust the movie ratings so that they match your profile.

Get the app for iOS and Android here: